An installment loan is a short-term, unsecured loan extended to borrowers. The interest rates are still relatively high, but not as high as most payday loans. The repayment is carried out over a predetermined amount of time and the loan is paid back in a series of payments, or installments these installments include both interest and principle.

You can borrow up to $1000 unsecured.

It could be as early as today. Please ask your customer service representative if you qualify.

You'll need a valid ID, source of consistent income and a checking account. We do not fund pre-paid cards.

Yes! And there are no prepayment penalties. Simply call our automated payment portal at 855-948-0313 anytime 24/7 and have your Loan ID available. You can find your Loan ID on your Loan Approval Letter email or by logging into your account through this website.

Please call our customer service dept. to see if you qualify for a one time deferral of payment.

No we are income based and we do not report to the credit bureaus.

Fill out the online application. Once the application is completed you can call in or a CSR will be contacting you. The CSR will go through the verification process and normally a bank call is needed to verify income and to verify we have the right routing and account number to fund the loan to. The account on the application must be the account that your income goes into.

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